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MDL (and it's parent company, Macmillan Publishers) has been 'carbon neutral' for its entire operations and logistics since 2017

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Here at MDL

We are committed to promoting a culture of involved responsibility regarding the environmental impacts of our business. We encourage our employees and stakeholders to create better habits and consider the impact of the decisions they make in the workplace. In order to drive and maintain this culture, we have created a sustainability team that has two main focuses:

  1. Reviewing efficiencies relating to our environmental impact.  Activities here might range from large projects such as LED lighting and reduction of plastics used in packaging, to encouraging less waste in canteens and at print points. All with a view to reducing aggregate impact on the environment.
  2. Negating the impact we inevitably have as a business by actively pursuing projects that encourage a more sustainable future. These include recycling projects, partnerships with local sustainability efforts and navigating our staff towards a less 'throw away' culture.

Our Sustainability journey so far

Paper & Packaging

  • MDL has reduced the amount of plastic used in packaging materials by 33% and is in the process of trialling alternatives to its residual plastic packaging materials
  • MDL has reduced paper consumption in its operations by 27% during 2020/21


  • MDL's warehouse uses 100% renewable electricity
  • MDL's warehouse has LED lighting fitted throughout to significantly reduce energy consumption

Waste & Recycling

  • In 2020, MDL diverted 97% of all waste away from landfill or incineration
  • MDL is partnered with local recycling businesses to ensure that waste products are disposed of as efficiently as possible


  • MDL's principal parcel carrier, DPD, is an industry leader in environmental policy and carbon reduction. See
  • During 2021, a total of 17,353 parcels were delivered to customers on all-electric vehicles, saving 7462kg of CO2 which is the equivalent to planting 29 trees.  This number will continue to grow during 2022 and beyond.

Green credentials

  • MDL has an internal sustainability committee which is tasked with future initiatives on environmental and sustainability issues
  • MDL is a member of the BIC Green Supply Chain Committee, part of the international Green Book Supply Chain Alliance


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