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Customer questions

Can I buy this book direct from you?

If you have an account with us you can order via Pubeasy. Alternatively contact Customer Services via our contact link or email us:

UK Customers

Export Customers

Or alternatively telephoning our UK Customer Services department on 01256 302692 and Export Customer Service department on +44 1256 302890.

Can you tell me when the next edition of a title will be available and how much is it?

If you register with PubEasy you will be able to look up stock information. Alternatively contact UK Customer Services or Export Customer Services via our contact link.

I have a query with a current order

UK customers should email us at

Export Customers should email

Or alternatively telephoning our UK Customer Services department on 01256 302692 and Export Customer Service department on +44 1256 302890.

How can I get copies of invoices or credit notes?

Contact UK Credit Services or Export Credit Services via our Contact link or email us:

UK Customers

Export Customers

Or alternatively telephoning our UK Customer Services department on 01256 302692 and Export Customer Service department on +44 1256 302890.

What are the Hotline Rules?

This service is only valid during designated and advertised Hotline periods and is subject to a minimum net invoice value of £100 (after discount) being reached.

What do we do with a damaged book?

UK customers should contact us at to register their claim and we will arrange to send the necessary paperwork to enable them to return the book, or just the damaged page. Export Customers should email

Can I return just title pages for my overstock return?

This will depend on the title you are returning and will have to be discussed with UK and Export Customer Services via our Contact link or email us:

UK Customers

Export Customers

How do I open an account?

Fill in our customer account form.

Who decides my discount?

The publisher decides on discounts allowed on accounts.

How do I know who publishes this book?

If you have an account with PubEasy you can access information about most titles in print.

I would like to receive some catalogues or other point of sale.

Please visit the publisher website for their contact details.

Can you give me your address?

Macmillan Distribution
Cromwell Place
Hampshire International Business Park
Lime Tree Way
RG24 8YJ

What are your hours of business?

UK and Export Customer Services are open from: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm

How does print on demand (aka manufacture on demand) work?

As the order comes in from the customer, a requisition file is generated for the title with the appropriate printer. When the printer has the book ready, the printer sends it back to MDL with other POD titles, which could be those of other publishers. The printer records all the details about the books and the delivery carton in an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) message. The message contents are integrated back into Vista and our warehouse management system. When the carton is delivered to MDL, we scan the carton barcode and the contents are automatically added onto the Vista stock file. An appropriate picking location is scanned for the carton, and the backorders for the titles are automatically released.

I have a query about payment.

Customers with queries about payment should email Credit Services

How do I contact one of your publishers?

Please link to the publisher website from the logo on the footer of our homepage and follow the publishers contact link.

Delivery & Payment

Our delivery service

MDL track and trace consignments delivered on our behalf by DPD and DHL (carton orders) and Owens haulier for pallet deliveries.

UK mainland orders (except Scottish Highlands) should arrive within 48-72 hours, provided the customer is not on preferred day. Ireland, Scottish Highlands, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands may take an additional 24-48 hours.

DPD offers a Predict Service which will tell you the exact hour that your parcels will be delivered and allow you to rearrange if necessary.

Export Customers pay freight and packing. MDL uses a number of carriers depending on how quickly the customer requires the order, and they are charged accordingly. Many of our customers use freight forwarders and their timetable for deliveries would naturally affect total delivery time. When placing an order the Export Customer Service team can give more precise details.

Preferred day and small order lead time

Preferred day

Preferred Day is the term given to the day(s) on which MDL releases orders into the warehouse in order to deliver to its major customers, or the day on which our customers have requested we deliver. Since the majority of these customers order at least once a week, preferred days give them the opportunity to receive all their orders on one or two days a week. These days are always the same and help our customers to plan the workloads for their goods-in departments and also enables them to provide accurate information to their customers.

Small orders

Small orders are either held on our systems for up to three days before release, or until the accumulated order value reaches £100 (net invoice value) whichever is sooner. MDL feels this is a fair way of ensuring that we continue to provide a reliable, consistent and efficient service to all our customers, whilst avoiding the need to apply surcharges for routine small orders. Customers can choose to opt out of the six three day period by paying a Small Order Service Charge of £4.

Preferred day customers are not affected by the small order lead time, and continue to have their orders consolidated and despatched on their designated day(s).

Same Day/Next Day Despatch

MDL is aware that some orders are more urgent than others.
To cater for these we provide a same day despatch delivery service for a charge of £5.50. Orders must be placed prior to 12.00 noon Monday to Friday.
Alternatively we offer despatch next day delivery service for a charge of £2.50. Orders must be placed prior to 16.00 Monday to Friday.

You can use this service by including the word HOTLINE in the subject line of your email into (UK trade customers) (UK non-trade customers)

Or alternatively telephoning our UK Customer Services department on 01256 302692 and Export Customer Service department on +44 1256 302890.


MDL also offers a free-of-charge Hotline service. This service is only valid during designated and advertised periods and is subject to a minimum order value of £100 (net invoice value) orders for this services can only be placed via electronic ordering or over the telephone.


The seven step returns process from MDL is designed to help Booksellers simplify their returns.

MDL processes returns according to the BIC driven, industry-wide Returns Authorisation (RAN) system which has been endorsed by both the Publishers' and Booksellers' Associations within the UK.

The 7 Step Process

  • The customer sends his/her request to MDL indicating ISBN, title and quantity. This can be done via:

    • NB you do not need to subscribe to use this facility, it is free. (More information is available on the website)
    • via email to using a returns request spreadsheet (see Make a Returns Request)
  • The requests are then processed through our system to determine which titles may or may not be returned. (See below.)
  • Our back office system creates a unique Returns Authorisation Note (RAN) listing all the titles and quantities that may be returned. A second page (if applicable) will be produced detailing titles that may not be returned with reasons. Finally a bar-coded address label is produced.
  • These will be sent back to the customer either by EDI or via dependant upon the customer’s chosen medium.
  • The customer packs the authorised books, noting any quantity amendments he/she has made, and sends them to Macmillan Distribution at the address given, using the bar-coded label. (With the "third message" you should confirm electronically the number of copies that you are returning.) NB it is important to send the books back to the address shown on the label, as failure to do so might incur substantial delays in processing.
  • Upon receipt, the received quantities are scanned against the customer's RAN. Once the return has been fully scanned we will arrange for the RAN to be released for credit. For UK returns an overstock RAN calculates the average cost of all copies of that title supplied to the bookseller and as such all credits are based on an average weighted price of that title supplied to the bookseller over the twelve months preceding the latest invoice. Only titles and quantities that have been authorised will be credited.

Payment options

MDL accepts all of the following forms of payment.

  • Cheques made out to "Macmillan Publishers International Ltd"
  • BACS Payment – HSBC, Sort Code: 40-09-26, Account No. 02142589
  • Bank Transfer: IBAN number (GB05 HBUK 4009 2602 1425 89) and Swift Code (HBUKGB4B)
  • Batch - For more information click here
    • MDL recommends customers around the world use for viewing invoices and making copy payments. Access the Batch website
    • For further information email
  • CHAPS Payment – Bank details as above
  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express (non account customers only)
  • Direct Debit

For further details on any of these options please email Credit Services


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