MDL is always keen to invest in value added services and technologies which improve ease of function for all its publishers as well as enabling them to broaden their appeal in all markets.

MDL operates a fully integrated print on demand service in partnership with Antony Rowe (a leading book manufacturer in the UK) Lightning Source (who specialise in print on demand books) as well as Martins the Printers and TJ International. Publishers can also use stock “down-to-levels” to trigger automatic reprints.  Download leaflet on PoD.


MDL works in partnership with the award-winning Faber Factory to offer a digital service to client publishers.  Faber Factory provides a comprehensive and global digital service, from digitisation, distribution and account management, marketing and promotional support, through to offering a digital toolkit to enable publishers to more successfully participate in this fast-growing market.

MDL’s systems have been adapted to cope with the changing range of digital product in order to consolidate the sales information for reporting and royalties. Enhancements to our systems allow us to upload eBook sales files direct from aggregators whenever the files are a suitable format.

Printing, Accounts, Portals and Total Fulfilment

MDL offers a range of printing and mailing services including a wide variety of publisher material including advance information sheets in colour as well as black and white.

Every school has its own account with its individual specific details allowing publishers to do their own analysis on activity by institution.

MDL Client Portal allows publishers the opportunity to process non-trade credit or debit cards within a secure environment, as well as presentation orders. The portal removes the need to forward the order to MDL sending card details separately via phone or fax, and provides real time availability.

MDL offers a total fulfilment package for book and journal publishers using advance.


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