MDL offers its clients an industry leading sales data warehouse. Through the Macmillan Information Delivery and Analysis System (MIDAS), MDL offers its publishers immediate and unprecedented access to their sales, stock and debtor information.

MDL’s MIDAS system allows the analysis of publishers’ sales, stock and dues information. There are various options for analysing and presenting data in ways that were previously too difficult or time consuming to perform cost effectively.  See our leaflet on the hidden treasures in MIDAS.

MIDAS is now available for Apple users, including Apple iOS Touch devices.


What MDL’s MIDAS could offer you:

  • Full analysis of sales and/or returns by product, customer, customer type or geographical area

  • Analysis by a wide range of categories such as discount, front or back list, line value, books per line

  • Analysis of sales split by physical and non physical product or manual and electronic ordering

  • Many hundreds of ways of analysing sales and stock information, with new views and measures being added on a regular basis

  • Trend/gap analysis comparing monthly sales by year, year to date or MAT as well as analysis by series to review sales in various ways e.g. by author

  • Analysis of dues (by product or customer) or stock held, including comparison of stock held and MAT sales. We can also look at stocks which are held outside of MDL’s physical control e.g. stock held by key customers by branch. It is also possible to integrate this information with Booktrack sales data.

  • With those publishers with a global reach MDL has been able to provide similar functionality by taking stock and sales data from sister companies.

  • A chance to target sales forces to improve electronic (or other) ordering ratios by comparing sales reps’ and area performance.

  • Recent innovations include access to debtor information and digital sales.

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