A one-stop shop for book distribution and subscription fulfilment

With the introduction of subscription management in 2014, MDL now offers publishers the full range of services for books, journals, online databases and other digital product fulfilled as a one-off sale or subscription basis. MDL has long recognised that academic and professional publishers have been looking for a distributor of MDL’s reputation to handle subscriptions as well as book distribution. MDL can now fill that gap. 

Introducing advance, Publishing Technology’s latest and most powerful system

MDL is investing in the most sophisticated and feature-rich Order to Cash system. With its robust sales, marketing and ecommerce capabilities for serial content, advance Order to Cash will enable MDL’s clients to respond swiftly to market demands, customise products and experiment with new business models, driven by comprehensive data analysis and reporting. Because the advance system is built for the digital age, it offers a powerful set of tools to manage, package, sell and distribute content in exciting and innovative new ways that until now have been too challenging to administer.

Print fulfilment and distribution

Journal publishers will benefit from MDL’s sophisticated warehouse and systems based in Swansea. Journal storage and stock management will be handled by MDL’s warehouse systems and will seamlessly interface with the stock control module in advance. A dedicated team has been set up in Swansea to handle all aspects of journal despatch.

Digital fulfilment

MDL can interface with publishers’ data hosts, providing full authentication control for customers to access data to which they have entitlement. Each such interface will be configured according to publishers’ requirements.


Renewals can be fully automated from advance giving full flexibility by customer type, price code, product at a global level or at an individual subscription level. Publishers may specify the number of renewal efforts and fix renewal schedules as required. MDL can handle calendar year and any-time starts as required.

Consortia sales

Advance is designed to handle consortia sales in a number of stages from quotation through to final invoicing. The system allows for complex product bundling with bespoke pricing for multiple customers within one consortium. Product bundling can include books, journals, database and other digital product, as required. 

For further information on MDL's subscription business please contact Matthew Hogg.

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